Kessil - Gooseneck 90 degree Adapter 360X


90 degree gooseneck adapter - QTY - 1

The Kessil LED Light 90 Degree Gooseneck Adapter will allow you to mount any of the Kessil aquarium lights at a true 90 degrees off the Kessil LED Light Pendant Gooseneck Clamp/Mount. The Adapter will also provide additional reach for larger aquariums. The Adapter can be installed in less than 1 minute to an existing Kessil light and NEW STYLE Gooseneck. The Gooseneck Adapter could also be modified for use with DIY rail system or mount. 

NOTE: This Adapter will only work with the NEW Kessil LED Light Pendant Gooseneck Clamp/Mount. The NEW Gooseneck has only been on the market since June of 2012. The NEW Gooseneck, unlike the OLD Goosenecks, came with connections for both the 150 and 350/360 models. The OLD Goosenecks came in two versions that were made specifically for either the 150 or the 350/360.

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