Kessil H160 Controllable LED Refugium Grow Light - Tuna Flora


The H160 Tuna Flora features four efficient spectrums - BLUE, GROW, BLOOM, RED - in one single fixture

Kessil`s unique LED array platform packs high power and deep penetration into a sleek, compact fixture, with an innovative heat management system that enhances efficiency and longevity. Its unrivaled optics meticulously create smooth color mixing over a large coverage area. The Kessil LED`s advanced controllability allows multiple fixtures to be adjusted as a group, when linked together through the 0-10V input and output.

  • UV & FR - The H160 uses true UV-A and far red LED chips which promote algae/plant health and growth.
  • Blue - The BLUE spectrum quickly develops the frame of a plant during every stage by promoting stem extension.
  • Grow - The GROW spectrum is designed to produce all-around vegetative growth throughout the life cycles of various plants.
  • Bloom - The BLOOM spectrum boosts yield by encouraging plentiful flowering during the plants` crucial reproductive stage.
  • Red - The RED spectrum is designed for tissue culture and cloning by producing maximum root growth during the plant`s whole life. During the finishing stage, the RED spectrum also increases the plants` productivity and the quality of the harvest.

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