Kessil Mini A Series Gooseneck


Compatible w/ A80 Tuna Blue & Sun / H80 Tuna Flora

It is a versatile mounting option that allows you to customize the positioning of your light. Designed to be used on most aquariums; glass or acrylic. The Gooseneck is 10 inches long and is malleable but sturdy. The arm provides a strong, adaptable solution to install your Kessil aquarium light. 

What`s in the Box:

  •     A80 10 inch Gooseneck (x1)
  •     Gooseneck Base (x1)*
  •     Plastic Stepper (x1)
  •     Plastic Screw (x2)
  •     Thumb Screw (x2)
  •     Gooseneck Bracket (x1)

*The gooseneck will work with all rimless tanks and rimmed tanks with a rim up to 1-3/8" thick at its thickest portion. 

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