Kessil Mounting Arm for A360X, AP700, AP9X, A360, and A160 LED Light


Premium mounting option that allows you to install Kessil Aquarium Lights directly to your tank

What`s in the Box:

  • Arm (x1) *Maximum height 17 inches above aquarium rim.
  • Arm Mount (x1)
  • Slide Bar-1 (225.3mm)
  • M4 Round Head Hex Screw, L=8mm (x4)
  • Tube Adapter (x1)
  • M3 Thumb Screw (x1)
  • M5 Flat Head Phillips cap, L=10mm (x4)
  • M5 Thumb Screw (x2)
  • M3 Pan Head Phillips Cap, L=12mm (x4)
  • 2.5mm M4 Hex Key (x1)

Kessil Model Compatibility

Saltwater LIght Freshwater Light Horticulture/Refugium Light
A160WE Tuna Blue A160WE Tuna Sun H160 Tuna Flora
A360WE Tuna Blue A360X Tuna Sun H380 Spectral Halo II
A360NE Tuna Blue
A360X Refugium
A360X Tuna Blue
AP700 (Requires 2 mounting arms)

AP9X (Requires 2 mounting arms)

**Kessil Extension Mount is required for Eurobrace and Acrylic aquariums.

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