Kessil Spectral Controller X


Equipped with flawless touch control and a vivid color display

The Spectral Controller offers effortless light control at the touch of your fingertips. Its straightforward approach to light control programming allows for endless customization options without the confusion. The sleek, modern design ensures a beautiful and cohesive setup that won`t disrupt the look of your aquarium.

Spectral Controller X Compatibility

Saltwater LIght Freshwater Light Horticulture/Refugium Light
A80 Tuna Blue A80 Tuna Sun H80 Tuna Flora
A160WE Tuna Blue A160WE Tuna Sun H160 Tuna Flora
A360WE Tuna Blue A360X Tuna Sun H1200 Tuna Flora
A360NE Tuna Blue
A360X Tuna Blue


*0-10V Kessil Link Cable and 5V/1A USB Power Adapter not included and are sold separately for non-"X" Kessil lIghts. 

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